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Theatres and Cleaning Services

Nothing is more frustrating than a dirty seat or sticky armrest when on an evening out at the theatre or cinema, ProClean Support Services is working with a growing number of entertainment venues, such as private cinema chains, theatres, concert halls, and nightclubs. We are also able to cater to the cleaning requirements of cultural venues such as museums and art galleries.

Whether you are a small independent cinema or a large West End theatre, Odesa can help give your venue a clean and professional appearance that your guests will remember. Our fully-trained staff will carry out their work to a consistently high standard for anything from a daily clean or an annual deep clean. Our operatives are fully briefed on the client’s requirements and undergo regular and close supervision.

We understand that your premises are a collection of discrete but joined up areas, each with its own pressure points. Front of house, walkways, the actual theatres, and the food retailing section, which has its own high risk areas like the hot food counter.

Our cinema cleaning operations are based around your specific needs; these needs vary from month to month, and depend on which type of film you are showing now. A Hollywood blockbuster which appeals to a younger audience will see multiple showings daily, especially in the school holidays. This will impact on the toilets, the front of house, and the seating, and sadly we all know that not every customer will use the litter bins.

A more sedate movie like a British art-house production will see a much smaller audience and so there’s little point in gearing up in the same manner as for the blockbuster, therefore a smaller team of cinema cleaning operatives would suffice.

We work with you to maximise cleaning times in between film showings, recognising that you often have just a few minutes between each. Thorough cleaning takes place out of sight of your clientele either early in the morning or at night. Litter picking in your car park (if you have one) is something we do when there’s no one about, for safety reasons.

Our commercial cleaning service is a specialised division dedicated to provide a full range of cleaning services to the commercial sector from daily, weekly and fortnightly office cleaning to end and start of lease cleans and periodic deep cleans, the commercial cleaning service truly is the one-stop-cleaning-shop for your organisation.

A clean, tidy and fresh-smelling office is a huge indicator to your customers and visitors that you care about your image and your company. It also allows staff feels comfortable in their working environment. No-one likes to see dirty floors, greasy windows, overflowing bins or unclean toilets. This is where ProClean Support Services can help.

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Matching your own high standards

In the entertainment and culture industries the cleanliness of foyers, ticket areas, bars, washrooms and all the public areas of your building will make a strong contribution to the overall impression that your customers receive.

ProClean Support Services can provide a complete cleaning service for every part of your venue, including public areas and those that are for staff only. Our cleaning teams can carry out work when the venue is closed, or in the case of theatres and cinemas, in between individual performances. For these venues we also offer valuable carpet and upholstery cleaning services – nobody likes to find old chewing gum stuck to the underside of their seat!

From the moment they walk through your doors, customers can see how effective your movie theatre cleaning is:

  • Is the lobby clean, inviting, and free of trash and debris?
  • In your game areas, are the games devoid of dust and grime build-up?
  • Are your bathrooms clean, the chrome fittings and fixtures polished to a shine, and the air free of bad odours?
  • Do your patrons feel a sense of value when the find their seat or are they stepping on sticky spills, gum and someone else’s trash?

Many entertainment venues include building services or rooms that require specialist cleaning, such as food preparation areas. Where this is the case, our fully trained and professional teams can provide quick and effective cleaning to the very highest standards, and in accordance with all relevant legislation.

We understand that it is important to have a comfortable and pleasant environment for your clients to enjoy themselves at your cinema or theatre venue. A visitor’s worst nightmare is dirty and sticky seating while watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, therefore a cinema’s environment must be kept clean!

The services we offer for theatre and cinema halls include:

  • General clean- food areas, foyer, till, ticket machines, etc.
  • Cinema screen room clean- cinema screen, seating, floors
  • Escalators, stairs and lifts
  • Washroom and toilet deep clean
  • Floor maintenance/carpet cleaning and maintenance- e.g. chewing gum removal

At ProClean Support Services we have a flexible schedule and are able to work quickly and efficiently, as well as being quality assured so that your premises will be left at the highest level of cleanliness. We offer one off deep cleans as well as periodic maintenance to ensure that the clean environment will leave your customers with a positive and pleasant cinematic experience.

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