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Retail Cleaning Services

When you work with ProClean Support Services, you can expect an exceptional level of service from a company that really understands your retail needs. Whether you have a shop, distribution centre or a whole high street chain, we work in partnership with you to deliver clean and safe environments for both your people and your customers.

As a national and international shopping destination, London has a certain reputation for interesting finds, special purchases, and a fascinating selection of specialist retailers. From famous fashion names on Oxford Street, independent bookshops in North London to vintage decor in Southwark, London’s market origins continue to be omnipresent!

From shopping centres to supermarkets to cinemas, we can adapt to fit and save you money in the process. We can provide cleaning on a standalone basis, or as part of a fully-managed facilities management contract. We’ve been working with some of the world’s biggest brand names for many years, sharing our knowledge of the retail marketplace and seasonal trends to help them maximise footfall.

Our efficient retail cleaners can transform retail spaces that lose their sheen throughout busy days into gleaming and appealing workplaces. Our straightforward and effective cleaning techniques will ensure order and hygiene even after the busiest sale days, and whether you need this service once a week or after every eventful day, our reliable cleaners are available.

ProClean Support Services does not offer traditional, binding contracts which commit clients into long term payment, even if they don’t like the services provided. Instead, our cleaning arrangements are entirely based on the particular requirements of our customers, each one unique, and all of our customers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our monthly rolling contracts. With over 100 clients on our books, and a 95% client retention rate each year, we know we are very good at making a positive difference to our many happy customers.

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Matching your own high standards

A visit to a shopping centre these days is less about traditional shopping and more about a day out with friends or family. Shopping centres usually have eateries and entertainment venues, turning the shopping experience into a complete leisure activity.

Working in partnership with our customers, we get to know their specific requirements. Measuring shoppers’ behaviours, through footfall and seasonality, allows ProClean to create bespoke solutions that work effectively.

Shoppers are now more mobile and are given more choice as to where to shop than ever before. During challenging times for retailers, it’s vitally important to satisfy the growing aspirations of your customers. ProClean Support Services provides clean, useable and safe facilities which have measurable influences on your customers’ spend and return visits.

From the first visit, ProClean Support Services dedicated shopping mall cleaning team will start developing a concept geared towards creating the most economically advantageous cleaning solution, while improving the quality of the service provided. It’s about the best use of the resources, ensuring every minute spent cleaning delivers the best possible standards for your customer.


Retail is not a 9-5 business. That means you need a single or multi-site retail cleaning company and partner that can operate around you – and around the clock. Our commitment to the highest standards and retail sector experience has made us the retail cleaning service partner of choice for a number of high street brands.

We’ll work in partnership with you to deliver clean and safe environments for both your staff and your customers. Our flexible 24/7 approach ensures that we minimise disruption and we can even tailor our service in line with seasonal fluctuations, so it’s a service that really is built around your needs.

Our cleaning company likes to have the best understanding of the unique needs of our customers, and with a strong commitment to excellent customer communication over the last couple of years we are happy to discuss any new requirements or changes, simply contact us. Our cleaning operatives receive weekly supervision on each assignment, so you can be sure that our managerial team and supervisors remain very familiar with the cleaning services you require, and are constantly ensuring that you receive our high standard of quality cleaning.

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