Restaurant And Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

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Restaurant And Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Services

We appreciate the ongoing demand to maintain high standards of hygiene, both in front of house and in the kitchen, and have developed expertise and practical solutions that can guarantee the results you need.

Our continued investment in equipment and staff training has helped us to maintain a leading edge within the competitive arena of restaurant cleaning. With a large national workforce and a clearly defined chain of command, we provide a comprehensive range of bar and restaurant cleaning services with standards of professionalism and customer support that others cannot match.

Free up your staff to concentrate on their main function; cooking great food for your customers. Know that your kitchen will always be up to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Maintain a safe working environment that maximises efficiency and keep yourself in the good books of your local environmental offices.

Use a single point of contact for all your cleaning needs and make your life just that little bit easier. You’ll get all of this and more when you choose ProClean Support Services as your commercial kitchen cleaning service. Your kitchen will function more efficiently and bring you better returns when your cleaning is smoothly scheduled.

You won’t have to waste energy worrying about this aspect of your business but it’ll always be done the way it should be. That’s what you can expect from ProClean Support Services.
Book all your cleaning needs, both regular and occasional, from an established team of fully insured, expert cleaners. Pay competitive rates for single pieces of work and benefit from generous discounts when you combine services.

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Matching your own high standards

The only evidence you want the see of your cleaners is the effect of their work. We’ll set up your cleaning to a schedule that suits you, one that allows your commercial or industrial premises to function without disruption. So if you need us early in the morning, late in the evening, or even overnight, just say.

Our rates are highly competitive and we offer flexible hours, including out of office hours and weekends.

  • Contact us any time though our 24/7 phone line or via the Internet
  • Get free quotes before you commit to work
  • Benefit from discounts when you book certain services as a package
  • Get all of your cleaning done by reference-checked, professional Cleaners
  • Schedule you cleaning to suit your business hours, cancel or rearrange an appointment with no penalty when you give 48 hours’ notice
  • Services for all commercial kitchen cleaning and appliance cleaning, not just those in restaurants.
  • Call us for your school or hospital kitchen too!
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